For Professionals

Supervision for Professional Counsellors, Mental Health Care Providers, Body Workers, & Students

Professional supervision is available for practicing psychotherapists, psychologists, shamanic practitioners, counsellors, students, and individuals working in a therapeutic capacity within the community. The supervision process is an opportunity to explore how  shamanic knowledge and practices may be incorporated into your current clinical model of practice, and for practitioners of shamanism how clinical knowledge can enrich professional practice.

The focus is very much on how to more effectively resource clients for health and well being. Processes of energetic projection, transference, counter transference, and embodied projective identification are explored and supported in process. Shamanism, Jung, and Freud understood the exquisite nature of these complex processes that inform our work on behalf of the client’s healing. Knowing how to deal with these processes in a shamanic context is helpful and resourcing.

The supervision process is both theoretically informed and highly experiential. Individual supervision, and group supervision is available.

The supervision process is an opportunity to explore how Natural In-Sight Shamanic Psychotherapy may be incorporated into current clinical models of practice.

Individual supervision is available immediately and professionally tailored to meet your unique needs.

Information about strictly clinical supervision can be found at

*Please register your interest for group supervision as places are limited.