Connecting With Your Personal Medicine

Connecting With Your Personal Totemic Medicine

The experience of strengthening your connection with your Personal Medicine – your soul’s strength and personal authentic power, love and gifts is a process that begins with grounding practices, embodiment and full body presence here and now in this world. Our soul’s personal medicine is not separate from our physicality, it is intimately interwind with our nervous system and the natural environment. Further this is not another worldly out of body experience but on the contrary it is a full body awareness process that assists in more fully realising your connection with exquisite  mother earth.  Our Personal Medicine in essence is an authentic reflection of being in and of the world in it most wild and natural dimension. In this, our unique soulful and spiritual resources are revealed first and foremost within and through the primary grounded connection with earth mother.

Learn how to intention your Personal Medicine for healing for yourself, for others, for the world.