Ancestral & Intergenerational Healing

Ancestral & Intergenerational Healing

There is a saying that in order to fully appreciate who we are and where and how we belong to place and community here and now it is important to understand and appreciate where we come from, to reconnect with our past. In remembering our embodied connection to the sacred whole – our ancestors, those who came before us, and our descendants who will follow on from us we may discover the understanding and healing medicines that are bequeathed to us through the sacred legacies of our spiritual and genetic heritage.

It is in re-establishing a connection to our ancestors that we have an opportunity to heal what has passed down to us, the energetic transmission which lives within as a contraction and distress, unfinished business and unhealed wounds, and then to fully embrace the courage, wisdom and the ancestral healing resources to move into our lives with more compassion, health, and vitality.

Each and everyone of us exists because our ancestors creatively adapted to the environment, with instinct, intuition, spirit, bodily strength and sense, some emotional intelligence, intellect, and the will to survive sometimes very harsh and unforgiving circumstances. Deeply encoded within us is the very essence of our ancestral wisdom – we can learn both from the Light and the dark that exists in our ancestral line. This not only frees us up to realizing the existing potential of all that we are, but brings a deeper healing for the next many future generations with an extended healing for all of humanity and our precious earth. Giorgio Galli an Italian historian captures the relationship between past, present and future beautifully in stating ‘the future has an ancient heart’.

The following offers an opportunity for ancestral re-connection and healing:

Heal distress or unhelpful patterns of living passed over to you or other family members from past generations and ancestors.

“Sometimes it falls upon a generation
To be great.
You can be that great generation.”
– Nelson Mandela